Miscellaneous Items

 Marathon Parts at the Museum of Berkshire Aviation

Marathon fuselage section
The largest Marathon part to survive - ex-Derby Airways fuselage section.

Maker's plate
This plate originates from Marathon c/n 120, a Mk.1 built as G-AMGO. It was later converted at Woodley into an RAF T.11 navigation trainer as XA267 and served with No.1 ANS at Topcliffe, with the individual code letter 'Q'. Retired to 10 MU at Hullavington, XA267 was sold for scrap to Aviation Traders (Engineering) Ltd of Southend in January 1959 and it seems likely that this maker's plate was 'liberated' at this time.

Deicing fluid tank
Propeller de-icing fluid tank. This would have been mounted vertically on the port side of the aft fuselage.

The Museum also holds two unique Palmer-manufactured Marathon mainwheels, one with tyre fitted.

 Miscellaneous Marathon Diagrams