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Cockpit - Overhead Panel Cockpit View - Overhead Panel


1. Dimmer switches, cockpit and instrument red and U/V lamps
2. Switch, taxi lamps
3. Space provision for ILS control unit
4. Release control, emergency escape hatch
5. Luminised spot plates
6. Coaming lamps emergency switch
7. Roof lamps emergency switch
8. Fire extinguisher switches, engines 3 and 4
9. Feathering and fire warning lamps, engines 3 and 4
10. Ignition switches
11. Manually operated fuel cock controls
11A. Oil cooler shutter switches
11B. Oil cooler shutter indicators
12. Pressure head heater switches, port and starboard
13. Pressure head indicator lamps
14. Navigation lamps switch
15. Feathering and fire warning lamps, engines 1 and 2
16. E2A compass
17. Feathering and fire warning lamps, engines 1 and 2
18. Booster pump indicators
19. Booster pump switch, starboard outer nacelle tank
20. Cross feed fuel cock
21. Cross feed fuel cock indicator
22. Booster pump switch, port outer nacelle tank
23. Booster pump switch, starboard outer wing tank
24. Booster pump switch, starboard inner wing tank
25. Booster pump switch, port inner wing tank
26. Booster pump switch, port outer wing tank
27. Cabin heater fire warning lamp
28. Cabin heater 'working' lamp
29. Cabin heater 'ignitor' lamp
30. Cabin heater 'off' switch
31. Cabin heater 'on' switch
32. Cabin heater 'half/full' switch
33. Switch for cabin heater duct shutter actuator
34. Propeller de-icing switch
35. Flap warning lamp
36. Circuit breaker, Type A
37. No.2 inverter switch
38. No.1 inverter switch
39. Circuit breaker, Type A
40. VHF control unit, No.2 set
41. Intercom normal/emergency switch
42. VHF changeover switch
43. VHF control unit, No.1 set
44. Control panel, Type A for GM compass Mk.4B
45. Space provision for control unit for ARI5428
46. Oil dilution switches
47. Oil dilution push-button
48. Roof panel light
49. Cabin heater fuel cock position indicator

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